Classic Exterior lighting. Through Genuine craftsmanship.

Our products are developed after age typical models to create harmony and enhance the genuine feeling in our architectural heritage.

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Pure Alu. 90 Yellow Conical

Pure Alu. 90 Conical

PureAlu80 Red W20330-13000

Pure Alu. 80 Conical

PureAlu80 Raw W20300-1100

Pure Alu. 80 Globe 150

PureAlu80 Raw W20300-12000
PureAlu80 Green W20345-14000

Pure Alu. 80 Slim Clear

Pure Alu. 90 Corner Conical Opal Black

Pure Alu. 90 Corner Conical

RAW lighting – Lamps with a Swedish origin!

We deliver lamps to the highest standard. High quality products! When buying our products, we always aim to give you the best service! We strive to have the best service!

Do you have a project with specific colours?

The Pure Alu. models can be painted to order according to the RAL colour system. This makes it possible to create custom made lamps to fit your project or customer. If this is what you are looking for and would like to know more please contact us for further info.

The natural choice of lamp for your building!

RAW lighting has a beautiful and carefully chosen selection to fit your buildings and projects.
  • Beautifully crafted products to fit your projects!
  • Developed through genuine craftsmanship with attention to material, design and function!
  • If you have any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact us!